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2008-07-08 - 2008-07-08 It's on its wheels at last!

Finally the Manta is on it's wheels!

The rear diff has been shimmed, and the rear axle is now bolted up to the car. :) So now the car can sit on its own suspension. The ride heights need adjusting, especially at the rear, and the whole rear axle needs adjusting to for tracking - but that's easily done with the rose-jointed rear axle.

I have also been busy on the engine front. A quick last minute decision see's me with a 2.5ltr V6 instead of the 2ltr 4pot.

I picked the V6 up for £50 with the intention of just using it to check mechanical fitment and to fabricate the engine mounts. However, as you can see I've already partially stripped it to see what it's like and it's internally very good. Doesn't look to bad at all. No lips on the bores, and the bearing shells look great. It's been well oiled, but has clearly had a coolant leak and so has continuously been topped up with plain water. So, there is the typical water way corrosion, however that's nothing that can't be cleaned up a bit.

So £50 seems to have got me a good V6 which I can use to get the car going. This has also meant that I've had to go in a different direction with the gearbox too. I've chosen to go with the Cosworth T5 box which is tough as old boots and has a SCCR gearset available. I'm expecting the bellhousing later on this week, so as soon as I find a gearbox I can start fitting the engine and box into the engine bay.

I have also welded on the quick release steering boss onto the corsa column I am using. All I need to do now for the steering column is make the link bar from the column end to the rack and make a nylon bearing for the steering wheel end of the column as I cannot split the standard bearing to fit it back onto the column now that it's been welded.