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2008-11-16 - 2008-11-16 Engine + Gearbox mounted + Steering Column Fitted

Done a few more bits now. It almost feels like the last stretch! lol Yeah, right.

Lee didn't have anything to do up the garage so I gave him the job of making up the steering column from some 303 stainless bar I had got for the job.

He made a great job of it, I think we'll be safe to use the steering!!

Previously, before I painted the Manta I welded a ¾" ID bearing + bearing holder to the bulkhead for the steering column. As I am using a corsa electric power steering column, which is mounted much more towards the drivers seat, the original column was too short - hence having to make one up.

The bar fits great in the bearing, and will satisfy the scrutineer's need for having a liquid tight seal across the whole bulkhead.

I made up some engine mounts to get the V6 in position. It took quite a bit of faffing about to get the engine in the right position, and I found that I had bolted the gearbox on at a 7deg tilt, so I had to take it all out and rotate the gearbox back to vertical and put it all back in position.

The drivers side engine mount in the vice for final welding before it's put in position to hold the engine.

I made a quick temporary gearbox mount, just to hold the gearbox in place for now. Next week I will finish off the gearbox mount.

After making up a similar engine mount for the passenger side, I have a fitted engine + gearbox. Of course, there's still some finishing off to do, but the clearance for the dry sump looks good.

The engine + gearbox are in. Now I need to check the position of everything, then rip it all out again so that I can modify the bellhousing to be able to fit the starter motor, then put it all back in and fit an alternator somewhere.

The gear lever position is good, and I can reach it from my seat, but 1st and 3rd and just a little bit on my finger tips, so I might make a gear lever that protudes back about an inch or so.