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2009-12-18 - 2009-12-18 Flywheel and Clutch

Well, I've sourced the flywheel and clutch that I want to run.

Flywheel The flywheel is from TTV racing and is their super light 20XE flywheel. As I'm using the 20XE bellhousing for the T5 the depth should be correct to use this flywheel. It's designed to be used with a 7.25" clutch pack. ![](/img/v6manta/manta0195.jpg)

Clutch The clutch is a Tilton two disc, 7.25", cerametallic clutch with the correct spline pattern for the T5 obviously. I'm running the Orange springs, so the release pressure is not obscene and the clamping pressure allows up to 400lb.ft or so. That should meant that it won't slip. I got the clutch from Competition Supplies over at Silverstone circuit. I can highly recommend them for brilliant service, and the fact that they actually stock Tilton stuff rather than just wait for you to order before they do. They sent my clutch out next day. They also offered some good advice. ![](/img/v6manta/manta0196.jpg) ![](/img/v6manta/manta0197.jpg) The only problem I had was that the flywheel is threaded M8. That is awkward because finding decent metric fasteners is a real pain. Finding decent UNF hardware is much easier because that's what the aerospace industry uses. I tried to find some studs (which is what's used in the photos above) but they are too short and I could not for the life of me find studs that were the right length. So in the end I bought some 50mm M8 cap heads and that'll have to do.