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2010-01-30 - 2010-01-30 Picked up another V6

Yep, me and Lee went on an eventful road trip today to pick up another V6 which I grabbed off of eBay for £100.

I've stripped it down so that it is a short block, and the bottom end looks in good enough condition to use as the basis for my V6 engine in the Manta. I will bolt my ported heads + throttle bodies on to this engine and that will be the engine I use to get me to Germany. I cuts out a lot of hassle, and get's me a sealed engine quickly.

I will be up the garage tomorrow cleaning + building the ported heads, I'll try and take a few photos.

I've ordered the bits to make my manifolds too, from a company in the states. When that lot arrives I can use the block that currently sat in the engine bay along with the other pair of heads to build the manifolds up with.