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2010-02-06 - 2010-02-06 Building the V6

Carried on building the V6 up today. Bolted the heads down. Put the cams in (put the cam caps on twice, once on the wrong heads, and then once on the right heads! lol)

I also modified the oil pump. I removed both pump gears because I am running an external dry sump setup which has a pressure stage. The V6 can have both gears removed, the thrust washer behind the crank pulley sits against the drive for the oil pump inner gear so it all fits back together fine without the pump gears in. I had to modify the oil pump housing slightly to accept the poly-v alternator belt pulley that I'm using as it is off of a 20XE engine instead of the 25XE. I also noticed that the two blocks I have are slightly different and have the lower cam belt tensioner in a different place. Weird!

The engine is now ready to time up, I forgot to take the XE25XE manual with me though, so tomorrow I'll time it up, paint the block and hopefully get the throttle bodies bolted on. The inlet manifolds from Jenvey are a pain because of how I ported the inlet ports. I made them BIG compared to stock, and Jenvy compromised their manifold design so that it fits the std inlet system, and has room for a vacuum takeoff on every cylinder. Talk about over the top, unless you are using a truely pony brake setup.

Anyhoo, that means that I have to build up some aluminium or chemical metal so that I can port the manifolds properly to match the heads. One of Lee's mates very kindly bought up some aluminium brazing rods for me to use, so that will be tomorrows first mission. Here's a YouTube video demonstrating how they work: