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2010-02-07 - 2010-02-07 Building the V6

I finally got round to sorting the manifolds out to match them to the headwork I did for the V6.

I first tried out some aluminium brazing rods. They worked really well once I'd got the manifold up to temperature, but it is a bit like soldering and so building up enough depth was tricky, and then a huge blob of molten brazing rod slipped off and fell on the floor. So it was on to plan B (Not the singer!) - chemical metal. This is a lot quicker and easier to apply and is fine for supporting the very thin wall that will be left after the porting, and fix the holes where I broke though the manifold wall.

The engine is coming along, I left a cover over it for now and this week after work I'll fit the manifolds and throttle bodies. I plan to use instant gasket rather than use the gaskets from Jenvey because of the porting work. There is very little surface area at the top of the port on the manifold, but instant gasket should seal this fine.