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2010-03-22 - 2010-03-22 Gearbox Sealed and Release Bearing Fitted

I've done a few quick jobs. Namely mounted the Tilton release bearing in the bellhousing. I mounted it with 4mm clearance which is pretty much what Tilton recommend, I'll add a positive pedal stop to prevent the bearing from over-extending.

I simply printed out the Tilton spacings and Ford registration diameter and then cutout the registration circle. Then used the template to centre punch the bell housing and then drilled the mounting holes from them. It worked pretty good, the bearing seems pretty well aligned with the input shaft. All I needed to do was turn up some spacers on the lathe to get the bearing sat at the right height, and hey presto. Just a few bits left to get the plumbing in done.

I've also ordered a couple of 15mm needle bearings to use as spigot bearings in the end of the V6 crank for the end of the T5 input shaft.

I made a plug on the lathe to seal up the hole that used to mount the speedo sensor in the gearbox as I didn't get one with the box. I was going to use an o-ring on it, but it press fitted really well, so it's gone in dry and hopefully won't leak!