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2010-04-05 - 2010-04-05 Finished a manifold!

After many shenanigans after running out of Argon for the TIG welder I finally managed to get a bottle from Brian at Arcoe Metal Products on a Bank Holiday Sunday. THANKS BRIAN!! Lifesaver!

So after managing to get some more gas I managed to at least finish off one of the manifolds for the V6. It came out great, I hope it lasts at least past the MOT and whilst I'm out in Germany. I really quite enjoyed making the manifold and the only welds that really went a bit 'pete tong' were the ones where I had gaps between the pipes I was welding together. Many welds didn't even need filler rod, and it's strangely satisfying to do those welds.

I did not purge the inside of the pipes whilst welding them, so they are not totally smooth on the inside. I also didn't bother making the pipes equal length as this is not a maximum effort engine and the difference it would make would be negligable.

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