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2010-04-11 - 2010-04-11 Need a TODO List

Got some more done at the weekend. Finished off 90% of the second manifold, but I didn't manage to get any photos as I forgot to take my camera up the garage.

I also removed the spare engine block + the gearbox from the car whilst it's still on the subframe. I can then build everything up on the subframe and do a bolt check and then bolt the subframe back on the car. I need to bolt it all back in to modify the engine mounts though before I can do that. That's a complete PITA, but it needs to be done.

I need a TODO list too, so here it is:


Possible at Work

  • M18x1.5mm Wideband bungs
  • Ring Jenvey
  • V6 fuel rail for peco's (Need to email Simon a photo of the fuel rail!?
  • Ring Reco-prop to chase up the prop and to see if it's possible to pick it up this Saturday
  • Ring Think! Auto
  • -6 90Deg (Lee)
  • -6 Bulkhead Fittings (x2) + Nuts
  • -10 90Deg (x2)
  • Pick-up the SBD order from Royal Mail depo.
  • Things TODO On the car

  • Adjust manifolds to finish
  • Finish exhaust system
  • Mount oil system
  • Chassis wiring
  • Fit rear perspex screen
  • Fit front + rear calipers
  • Plumb in brakes
  • Plumb in (and test) clutch
  • Things TODO before Germany Trip

  • Get engine mapped
  • Join ADAC
  • Insure Manta
  • MOT Manta
  • Lift Prohibition notice on Manta