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2010-04-21 - 2010-04-21 Ticking off the boxes

Getting there, but seemingly slowly! Tested the dry sump system and fixed a tiny leak in the sump pan tonight.

Forgot to get some fittings for the brake plumbing - The outputs of the Wilwood master cylinders are ⅜in so I need to grab some fittings from Rally Design to get the plumbing complete. Also need a fitting to put the brake light switch into. I decided to get a pressure switch instead of a mechanical switch on the pedal.

Also forgot that I don't have an accelerator pedal as yet! Must tackle that at the weekend when I've got more time up the garage.

Spoke to Steve today at Track and Road and he's ordered the ECU + connectors for me so they should be with me pretty soon (hopefully by the weekend, that would be best scenario)

Emailed a photo of the fuel rail to Jenvey so that they can make me a new one to fit the Peco injectors. The one I have now was for bosch injectors and the angles are just too wrong to bodge. It just doesn't fit quite right, and the last thing I want to fuel spurting everywhere because the o-rings don't seal properly. They can turn it around pretty quickly and can get it to me pretty fast if I don't get it plated as plating takes about a week.