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2010-05-31 - 2010-05-31 Back from Germany

Righty, been on holiday in Germany at the Nordshleife. It was a bloody great holiday, some good meals and plenty of petrol. I was starting to pine a bit for the Manta though.

So back now that I'm back in Blighty I've removed the engine + subframe from the car again having diagnosed the oil leak problem as the sump pan.

Time to get the various bits and peices sorted that I want to now whilst it's all out again and fix the sump, then stuff it all back in again.

Also found a bent clutch plate, so I ordered another whilst I was in Germany and I also ordered a proper alignment tool too for the twin plates.

I'm also going to chop some more out of the bulkhead and weld it up so that the engine can be inserted a lot easier! I had to cut a clearance hole for the coil pack anyway, so I'll just continue that along.