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2010-10-09 - 2010-10-09 V6 Oil problems....

Got the sump off the engine today as I have another set of big ends to go in. If this doesn't work, then it'll have to be engine out for a strip down. However, I did find something a bit more fundamental today. I had the oil stat for the oil cooler fitted to a remote filter head. These must be aligned properly in order for oil to flow correctly, but I had chucked mine on perpendicular to the remote filter head. Thus, the oil out of the remote filter head had to squeeze through a 2-3mm gap (opening is about 1cm^2). This is a big issue!! There's no way a V6 is going to get enough oil after that sort of restriction.

I have proof! lol

Bottom of the sump...

Worst bearing

What the oil filter had caught...

So with all the changes now to the oil system, I'm a lot more confident in it actually holding together this time (so long as the rest of the engine has survived the oil starvation!). Good job I'm testing this oil system on a £50 engine!

I'm looking forward to getting this thing back together ASAP and getting it up and running again! :D