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2010-10-12 - 2010-10-12 Starting putting the engine back together

Got a bit done up the garage tonight, but mainly drinking tea.

Fitted the oil pump housing back onto the block:

Didn't really do much else tbh! lmao I will put the bottom end back together at the weekend.

But here are a couple of good photos that show one of the problems with the oil system. The first shows the remote filter housing next to the oil stat cooler take-off, aligned as they were when fitted on the car. The second photo is a composite of the two showing how the feed would have aligned mainly with a flat section of the oil cooler stat take-off. There is really not much room for oil to get through to the engine!!

So I think my plan is to run without the oil stat to begin with. That coupled with the JIC-12 inlet to get more oil flow to the pump and measuring pressure in a sane place should make the difference the engine has been crying out for! We'll see at the weekend I guess...