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2010-10-24 - 2010-10-24 Stripping the V6

Started stripping the V6, but snapped the only ¼" drive up the garage that fits into the inlet enough to get at the bolts, the inlet manifolds are a complete pain! So anyway, will carry on stripping it down tomorrow night. The cam journals look alright up the top end though, so that's good news hopefully. I'll have a good look to see if I can keep running these heads as I did a lot of head work on them.

Next weekend I'll go and pick up another engine, and this week get the bits to do an engine refresh on it. That way I can get one back together pretty quickly and get it back in the car. Don't want to hang about!

Sorry, the photos are crap, I forgot to take my camera up the garage so had to take some photos with my phone instead: