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2011-03-25 - 2011-03-25 Went to Brands Hatch

The Manta had it's first successful outing at Brands Hatch, I'll just let the videos and photos do the talking. However, the car performed perfectly for it's first outing and didn't give me any troubles all day long.I've got a long list of bits and peices to sort out, but they are all niggling little things!

Some in-car videos from the day

The rest of the photos from Brands ![](/img/v6manta/manta0427.jpg) ![](/img/v6manta/manta0437.jpg) ![](/img/v6manta/manta0447.jpg) ![](/img/v6manta/manta0457.jpg) ![](/img/v6manta/manta0461.jpg) That was an awesome day! :-)