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2011-09-10 - 2011-09-10 Built some more of the frame

I started feeling a bit better today after being all snotty yesterday, and I also got bored and so went up the garage and did a few bits on the Manta. I carried on making the frame for the front of the car.

I made some M12 threaded inserts from some nuts, which actually turned out really well. Just need to get a couple of M12 rose joints for the rear mounting of the frame. I also need some more ¾" tube to finish it off too. It's a lot lighter than the 1" tube. It's not like the frame has to be that strong tbh.

Picked up my faced bellhousing too. The only ball-ache job I've got left to do is to make a new sump pan for the engine (One that doesn't leak for example!!)