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2012-02-21 - Engine is back in...

Got the engine back in with the sump finally fitted. So hopefully everything else can be fitted back together pretty quickly and the car prepped for Germany.

I leak tested the sump with some screen wash. I mainly just wanted to leak test the hose fittings which are an O-Ring seal. They are the weakest point really.

The leak test was a go - no problems with the sump. In fact, nothing at all leaked, so hopefully this sump will actually be dry!! ;)

No problems with leaking here! So after the leak test I made the hoses up. It surprising how much room JIC hoses can take as the minimum bend radius is quite large and the fittings are huge. But after a while I came up with this:

So long as the sump misses the cross member and steering rack, and the hoses miss the cross member, and engine mounts it should be good. They only way to find out is to fit everything onto the actual engine and get it in position to find out if anything interfere's...

et Voila! Nothing appears to be interference fit. It is also pretty close though! I call it precision engineering, but other's might refer to it as luck! ;) Anyway, the engine mounts are fitted and it appears to all line up okay. Just got to fit the spherical joint spacers in the mounts and I can start fitted everything else that was removed for re-painting the engine bay. Seems like there is quite a lot left to get done before Germany!!! Got to get this thing MOT'd again soon.