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2012-02-27 - Engine back in (again!)

Having now modified the subframe to clear the sump fittings (just!) I managed to get the engine back in, and looking a bit better too.

The exhaust manifold's wrapping was looking a little past it's best:

So I decided to wrap both manifolds again with some new wrap...

I also decided that the hose that interfered with the subframe was too risky to use and it had got a proper beating. So I decided to remake it with some new hose just to make sure:

I also remembered that I had bent a rose joint on one of the engine mounts when I took the engine out after Germany last year, and so I replaced it. I tested to see if it would bend back straight:

I refitted the exhaust manifolds. The manifolds had been blowing a bit at the manifold flanges, so I decided to give a bit more sealing with some assembly putty this time round and see if it made any difference:

Then it was time to get the engine back in place:

Et voila!

Now to start hooking everything back up and get her started up again. Can't wait to get to drive it again! Woooooo! :D