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2012-05-17 - Stripping the T5 Gearbox

I've started stripping the Cosworth T5 gearbox as it had play in the input shaft (even though it didn't when it went in a few miles ago!) and a very noisy fifth gear. Likely it's just bearings that need replacing.

One of the bearings is a Timken 28577 / 25821 - the rest I'll have to look up. The input shaft bearing is new anyway, I changed that when I replaced the input shaft.

EDIT: The SKF Part number for this bearing isĀ 25877/2/25821/2/Q

Anyway, the gearbox is partially apart. Next week I'm off work, so I'm probably going to get on with it then - I really want the car back together! :( Only getting to drive it a few miles sucks!!!!